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iryna honcharova

iryna honcharova
Kiev, Ukraine
Artist iryna honcharova

necessity together with parents moved in Kholmsk, Sakhalinskoy area (now is Russian Federation), where to 1998 year studied in SOSH ¹ 8. On domestic circumstances in 1998 together with parents moved in Kirovograd (Ukraine), where in 2003 - finished school ¹ 13, in 2008 is a separation of the Kievan national university of internal affairs, in 2009 is the Kirovogradskiy legal institute of the Kharkov national university of internal affairs, got the diploma of master's degree. From the end of 2010 began to carry out entrepreneurial activity, however on domestic circumstances in March, 2011 realization halted it. In August, 2011 on domestic circumstances moved to live in Sevastopol (Ukraine). To writing of pictures in November of this year one man the last name of which inspired, he asked not to diffuse, and also the spent vital experience and debt before society. The primary purposes of writing of pictures it is been: reflection of own attitude, opening his world and abandonment of this contribution to the art our heirs and our culture after life.

Higher legal education

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