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sergey kolesnikov (ks)

sergey kolesnikov (ks)
Mosсow, Russia
Artist sergey kolesnikov (ks)

The artist was born in the Tula region in 1967. Currently he lives in Moscow and Frankfurt on Main. Member of the International Association of Art (IAA), professional painter of international level accredited by the IGBK (International Society of Fine Arts in Berlin). Member of the Creative Union of the Artists of Russia. Member of the Professional Union of Artists. Unique author's works; all of them in a single copy. The author has developed his own, recognizable style of works, which is positioned as " integral realism". Participant of many national and international exhibitions, laureate of art competitions. Some of the artist’s works are in private collections around the world. All recent works are created with oil paints of the best world manufacturers on high quality linen canvases made in Germany and Italy. The works are sent anywhere in the world, they have all required documents from the Ministry of Culture. The certificate confirming the painting’s registration in the Art Register of the Russian Federation is provided. For the transportation all art pieces are professionally packaged on stretcher or roll. Member of International Association of Art "International Association of Art (IAA)" accredited professional artist of international level. IGBK Berlin. A Member Of The Creative Union Of Artists Of Russia. A Member Of The Professional Union Of Artists. Unique original works in a single copy. Part of the work is in private collections around the world.

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