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Art is simply my passion. I can paint for days at a time, and have fun whilst doing it. For me art is an expression of my spirit a purely intuitive process and that is why it is one of a kind.

As I create my layers wings, sprouts, feathers, hives, figures, stars, branches, petals and pods co-mingle with vibrant color fields something awaiting attention jumps out and I am guided by the painting. My part is to just stay flexible and light so that my intuition can guide me. So that's my story in a nutshell, feel free to browse my gallery of original fine art! Thank you for supporting original fine art!
I've always learned best by observing and doing and taught myself how to paint until I found my own voice as an artist. My education as an artist will hopefully never stop. Formally, I have a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Sydney, Australia.

Artworks for sale: Enlightened, Orange Affair, Possibilities, Buddha Gaya by Gayathri Sivarajah

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