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Ram Mohan

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Phi-Phi island
Paintings, 25 x 17 см.
Galina Shashkina 36
Fishs Glance
Paintings, 113 x 133 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 350
Digital Arts, 103 x 103 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 250

Ram Mohan Artist Bio

I am a contemporary artist exploring abstract and representational forms.
As an artist, I find my expression closely linked to my individual experience and I don't believe in following in old grooves resulting in lifeless forms. I am accused often in too much of experimentation.I thrust and thrive things that they can take care of my SELF and not my pseudo 'I'.Real(i)ty must be expressed through verbatim or through the stillness of mind?

I strongly believe in the latter.Sometimes I am obsessed with abstraction and sometimes with representation.My senses play with me -leaving always chaos in my mind.I was taught to see with my inner eye and I was also taught everything I see outward is a sham.
I am feigned by this state. I am trying to let the painting come to me and whenever I see a blank canvas I am inept and imbecile and terrified and bores me stiff. I often encounter accidents in my painting and my intention is to always get away from this triad. But passing on from these limitations and isms. My images are blurred but still there.But I am indistinct and highly differentiated yet obsessed with my painting.

Artworks for sale: Recollecting memories, She as a central pivot, Interpretation of Velazquez, Classical dancer of South India by Ram Mohan

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