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Karen Bezuidenhout

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Aura. Aura
Paintings, 106 x 83 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 1,350
Old Oak
Paintings, 24 x 18 см.
Vladimir Volosov 900
United States

Karen Bezuidenhout Artist Bio

I am a South African born artist, and have been living in California for the past 13 years. I began painting quite out of the blue, a few years before leaving South Africa. I knew with every inch of my being that I wanted to paint, and have never stopped. I joined a small, informal art school in my home town of Stellenbosch.

My paintings have been featured on the cover of Robert Redford's "Sundance Catalog", and are in the homes of collectors across the United States and abroad. Painting horses in rich, earthy tones is my first love, and the blues of the skies and seas of California have also very much influenced my subject matter now. I have often been told that my paintings "exude a sense of peace".

I love to paint more than anything else, and my inspirtaion comes from Nature - whether I'm trekking across the Namib desert on horseback, swimming in the ocean, or hiking in California, being surrounded by Nature is my constant inspiration.

Artworks for sale: American Indian, Light Horse Dark Horse, California Horse, Moscow by Karen Bezuidenhout

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