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Ann kelly

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Ann kelly Artist Bio

Born in Johannesburg, I have also lived in Hong Kong and Sydney, and my present home is in Lyon,France.Colour has been my focus for many years. Expressing an inner experience and my inner universe through colour is what I am interested in. The scale of my work means that it can be an immersive experience for the viewer,and the scale gives me a sense of freedom and excitement,like going on an adventure, a journey of discovery.
Colour is my subject matter, its accessible and sensual, a universal language that everyone can understand. Some works are directly inspired by music,for me there is a very intimate connection between sound and colour, both are vibrations. I love the sensuality of painting, the texture and body of the oil paint. I love the studio, the solitude, the process of making, the texture of the canvas and smell of the turpentine,the brushes.When I am in the studio I feel I am home,that I am truely alive, that I am myself.

Artworks for sale: Time Shift, Ananda Khanda, Joyful, Trust by Ann kelly

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