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Claire McGee

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Claire McGee Artist Bio

Claire McGee’s large-scale oils are immediately arresting: bold architectural compositions in dark tones with rare splashes of color. As much intended to be read as viewed, her pieces are rich in symbolism. From the stone carvings on the detailed interiors to the otherworldly figures which inhabit the spaces, her paintings speak in a language that is not easy to interpret, but which is fascinating to explore. Dreams of the the Republic I & II feature merry-go-round creatures suspended in time and space, whilst female figures stare from the canvas with challenging eyes.

The architectural draftsmanship on display is impressive; whilst the incongruent figures and supernatural beings make nods to such varied references as Hieronymous Bosch and 1970s progressive rock LP covers. Striking in scale and vision, McGee’s works have a dream-like quality which lingers in the mind’s eye long after viewing.” My recent work makes reference to both 17th century Dutch still life as well as the tradition of animal portraiture. However, when one reads the work deeper symbolism can be found standing in the tradition of the ‘Memento Mori’, where an image or an object serves to remind us of mortality and the fragility of life.

Although the work portrays animals, the hand of man can be found in every scenario, whether it be threatening, ridicules, prophetic or divine. The animals’ depicted can both represent mans power struggles and fragility, and can also represent the tribulations upon nature set by our hands. Many of the paintings are beautiful but they often hint at violence or vulnerability. Occasionally the animals appear as celestial almost, proclaiming victory over decay, and victory over man.

Artworks for sale: Patience is a Virtue, Black Jack, Bad Posture by Claire McGee

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