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Genya Lisniak

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Silver River, Oil, Canvas
Paintings, 60 x 120 см.
Olga Bezhina 1,100
Bottle of Red
Digital Arts, 77 x 77 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 750
Winter in the city
Paintings, 90 x 120 см.
Rudnik Mikhail 2,000
Paintings, 44 x 77 см.
Alexander Bezrodnykh 1,500

Genya Lisniak Artist Bio

Group Exhibition "UKRYTE"-2016(Torun)
Group Exhibition "Under the science"-2016(Kharkiv)
Group Exhibition "photographic unconscious"-2016(Kiev)
Group Exhibition "A4 ballpoint"-2015(Kiev)
Group Exhibition "Mimicry"-2015(Lviv)
International Exhibition "autumn Salon"-2015(Lviv)
Group Exhibition "Exaltio"-2015(Lviv)
Exhibition-auction "To Win Together"-2015(Lviv)
Exhibition-contest "Lviv in the Eyes of Youth"-2014
(First place in painting)(Lviv)
International Exhibition "autumn Salon"-2014(Lviv)
"carte Blanche"-2011(Kriviy Rih)

Artworks for sale: perfect model, bright portrait, fairy lady by Genya Lisniak

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