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Anna Patricia Keller

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Sea And Sky, Oil, Canvas
Paintings, 100 x 100 см.
Olga Bezhina 1,100
The Star
Mixed Media, 94 x 88 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 750
Drawings, 21 x 30 см.
Leni Smoragdova 400

Anna Patricia Keller Artist Bio

My mostly abstract paintings are inspired by nature and usually incorporate personal imagery and markings, often taken from the sketchbook and journals that I bring with me on my treks into the open prairie lands, arroyos, forests and canyons near my home in Northern New Mexico.

I fill these journals with my impressions... drawings, descriptions, unintended markings, ephemera found along the way, as well as bits of thought, music or poetry that may occur to me. The more autobiographical elements become part of the paintings I call "Narratives", while others simply add depth and texture to my more minimal, landscape-based works. The vast open spaces, dramatic skies, deep canyons, and tumultuous weather that I experience now, as well as my memories of growing up and living near the sea, all inspire me, in both series' of work.

I use oil paint, cold wax medium, found materials and a variety of media such as natural pigments, ink, graphite, oil stick and charcoal in my work. These paintings represent the natural world that I experience every day, as well as my response to it, and they're also about the process of painting, my means of understanding and finding my place within my environment and the natural order of life.

Artworks for sale: Spring Storms, Promised Land, Winter Prairie by Anna Patricia Keller

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