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Nestor Toro

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Woman in Red
Paintings, 98 x 72 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 1,500
Warm winter
Paintings, 60 x 60 см.
Oksana Borovik 550

Nestor Toro Artist Bio

I am an abstract painter working in Los Angeles California. I am primarily self-taught and I have developed my unique techniques over the years and I am continuously fine tuning my natural ability to create works with my emphasis on color combinations and blending layers together to capture the essence on the moment on canvas.

I create each work with no preconceived outcome in mind, preferring to let the technique guide me in creating complex paintings. I work primarily with fluid acrylics along with various inks in addition to many other mediums to create intricate works that lure you in with the complexities of the color, pattern, and movement. I am really excited that my work continues to grow in popularity.

I really have my collectors to thank because the main reason for my growth is word of mouth as collectors share new discoveries and emerging artists such as myself. I have loyal collectors on 5 continents and you can find my work in private collections in countries including Italy, Japan, Canada, USA, Argentina, Great Britain, Australia, and France.

Artworks for sale: Green Fusion, Make Believe, Sonic Frequencies by Nestor Toro

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