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Koby Feldmos

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Koby Feldmos Artist Bio

My name is Koby Feldmos and I paint modern oil paintings in a style that is unique and innovative in the world of art.
These paintings are characterized by dynamism, flow, and bright, lively colors that illuminate every room and create a calm, unique atmosphere. The delicate balance of the colors and the unified symmetry, combined with the asymmetric black spray create the perfect opposition and dissonance which highlights the beauty of the painting and emphasizes its power in the face of the white canvas, which imbues me as a creating artist with the ability to produce the maximum from my true essence in life – an abstract painter and artist.

The subjects I like to paint are natural landscapes, natural phenomena, animals and their wild world, together with a limited number of additional subjects that I saw as fit to bring onto the canvas, where the large part of these inspirations stem from deep personal experiences I experienced in my past—whether it be swimming with a sea turtle, climbing a volcano, or witnessing a glacier shatter—experiences that are etched in my memory, and which have contributed to my expressing myself as an artist and creator in the truest, most beautiful way.
In my paintings I usually leave the object of the painting on a clean, white background, which emphasizes the true, beautiful shades of the oil colors, sharpens the image in the center and intensifies the abstract black spray, a gentle and slippery spray which creates a perfect opposition between the painting’s balance and its clear borderline as opposed to the randomness and lack of control of the spray. A spray that on one hand balances the colorfulness and order at the center of the painting, and on the other hand adds a new dimension of lack of control, randomness and intense opposition between the black and the white and between the colorfulness and the monotonous. My love of painting and color began as early as kindergarten, where it was customary to hang my paintings up on the wall, and they said I have a talent for color and color mixtures.

Artworks for sale: Falling Ovals from Sky, Red Wine, Freedom Butterflies by Koby Feldmos

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