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Armano Jericevic

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Armano Jericevic Artist Bio

Who am i? Who are you? Every brush stroke on my painting is a sentence which states my inner metaphysical landscape. It is worth as much as my reflection reflects you. I don't make studies or sketches to make my paintings later, based on them. I try not to make concepts and i do not follow concepts. My artwork is formed directly from my and the collective subconscious. The goal is to synchronize the essence of my artwork with the the reception of it, and to contribute with a healing humanistic approach to contemporary space and time. Artist, philosopher, philanthropist and erudite Armano Jeričević, was born in Zagreb in 1962.

Around the 2000s he left his conventional life of a dentist with a study of film direction in the capital city of Croatia, and settled in the heart of the wild Istria in an abandoned hamlet, to live self-sufficiency and self-analysis in accordance with the rhythms of nature and his artistic givens. His life is a blend of philosophy and esotericism, which is subtly reflected in his works.

Artworks for sale: The beginning of optimism, Ursa major constellation by Armano Jericevic

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