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Hiromi Andrew

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Hiromi Andrew Artist Bio

Art, like music, can have an inconsequential effect, in that it can leave an ever-lasting impression. It has the power to influence one's thoughts, feelings and desires, enabling one to perhaps delve into feelings of the unconsciousness, yet undiscovered. Hiromi Andrew explores the concept of colours and textures, her artwork captivating the simple beauties in life that may be unappreciated in today's ever fast moving society.

It has the ability to transcend one to a profound sense of surety and calmness. Hiromi was born in Sapporo city, north of Japan. From a young age, Hiromi was interested in the arts, studying both art and calligraphy. She immigrated from Japan to Australia. Her artistic flare was nurtured and developed by her studies at the Gold Coast Art School and Logan Art School. Recently she has become a finalist on the online category of Lethbridge Art Gallery competition in 2013.

Artworks for sale: City of Red, Red Lips, flowers in a green vase by Hiromi Andrew

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