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Carolina Vargas Reis

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According to the very Carolina, in her technique there is nothing unusual. Often, her paintings are a combination of paintings, drawings by wax and collages. In her art she explores the combination of her own experience with social, political and emotional problems. In fact, Carolina's compositions are a visual diary of her life.

I was born in Colombia, the daughter of a large family where the only professions allowed involved engineers, doctors, financiers, teachers and lawyers. I was born an artist, an artist who became an engineer and a banker, an artist who moved to Canada, an artist who a few years into her professional life realized she couldn’t fight the urge to create art.

And so my heart went where it felt it belonged, and I traded excel models and my successful career in finance for paint tubes, enamel jars and sable brushes. Now I aim to make my contribution to the world by painting the magic of my own reality.

My work is a compilation of emotions and life experiences based on a contemporary perspective.

My canvases are often a combination of drawing, painting, waxing and collaging. I believe on experimenting with materials, textures and colours mother earth has given us.

Through my art I explore my own experience on social, political and emotional issues in the form of paintings or photographs.

Within my art, a variety of characters interact amidst an eclectic array. These people, animals, places, shapes and objects have influenced my life… some more than others. It is from their inner drama, their passions and beliefs, or better yet, it is from their own being, that my soul feeds off to give life to my character.

Artworks for sale: No Access, Theory of Everything, Red Circle, Morning Mist by Carolina Vargas Reis

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