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Daphne Horev

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Daphne Horev Artist Bio

Hi, I'm Daphne Horev. Art for me is like looking into my own microcosm and then down into the human experience here on earth and beyond. I believe that what attracts and interests me which is expressed in my art, can find an echo in other eyes, minds and hearts.

In recent years I often integrate gold paint and gold leaves in my works. To my understanding, the use of gold detaches the subject matter from the realistic context and elevates it to metaphoric and symbolic levels.

Moreover, contrary to classic artists that used gold paint to describe the supreme states of holiness in religious scenes, I use it to illuminate the human state and dilemmas with a halo of holiness. I paint for many years. In recent years I have been using digital tools in my art.

My work is made on different materials - canvas, glass , high quality paper and Silver Metallic. Each one produces different qualities . On canvas prints, I add gold leaves, which make each print slightly different.

Artworks for sale: Painter, Fata morgana, Sailboat in the wind, Genesis, Solo flight, Winter is coming by Daphne Horev

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