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Carmen Dardalla

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Landscape with Old Tree
Paintings, 80 x 50 см.
Vladimir Volosov 1,100
United States
New York girl
Paintings, 50 x 40 см.
Kateryna Bortsova 250
Sunny day
Paintings, 50 x 40 см.
Kateryna Bortsova 450
Autumn Rain
Digital Arts, 73 x 100 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 1,200

Carmen Dardalla Artist Bio

I was born in Santiago de Chile, half Argentine and half Spanish. I was brought up in different countries,so Im a mixture of many cultures which ,I think are reflected in my personality and my work.

Feeling comfortable anywhere,accepting and loving different cultures and people.I live on my work since Im very young ,designing sculptures and art objects ,but my passion is stone carving.I never was,nor thought of becoming or doing other than what I do.

I think in forms, space, volumes, textures, and structures. Even if my art education was abstract, my forms are more classic,with a twist of contemporary design. People have been my basic inspiration, but stone and marble further more. The discovery of the richness of this material has given me something more inspiring. A guide I would say. I bought five tons from Carrara, Italy.

The sculptures I have sold are in different collections ,here and other countries.Anyways my new sculptures are different and I like the idea of my next exhibit mixing with drawings which has always been my company.I also design art objects which are numbered and signed.

Artworks for sale: Painter, black diver legs, heads of swimmers, visual de buzos, anonymous look, running sneaker by Carmen Dardalla

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