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Catherine Perreira

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Catherine Perreira Artist Bio

Abstract works of Catherine are escapes which performed to music or often focused on that moment in time and place. She is from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean area and currently resides there.

Her current works are spontaneous and intuitive in capturing the emotions and memories from the Caribbean and London life. She worked with the elderly in New York focused on classical music and painting in 2004. In 2009 Catherine worked with 7 – 9 year old kids teaching English and comprehension through art in Shanghai.

The effects of art to both age groups were positive where the elderly focused on a memory and the kids had to do the opposite - convey a narrative without memorizing.

Catherine is part of the Happenings Collective in London for which she was invited to participate in an inter-generational drawing workshop; and three paintings selected for the 2016 Locals exhibition for the Wandsworth Fringe and Chelsea Fringe Festivals.

Artworks for sale: Painter, Running Escapes, When all is asleep, Just crisp, Silence by the sea, Pink hues by the beach by Catherine Perreira

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