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It’s fascinating to see how iron can assume organic shapes, how it can be made soft as a horse’s muzzle. And when you stroke the rump of my zebra, you can feel the curve of it’s firm buttocks.

I sculpt with a forging hammer and paint with my cutting torch – a pure way of working. My workshop on the warf in Heusden stimulates ceation on a large scale. From the moment I arrive in the morning, the clanging of hammers and the wail of grinders become my ringtones.

Three hundred kilos ofsteel, 15 mm thick and as flat as a coin, wait in front of my large hydraulic press and my cutting torch, like a painter's empty canvas, or the empty screen in front of the writer. In this very moment my imagination takes shape and I flash my torch. Each facet of my sculpture achieves its form as I patiently work towards the end result.

Artworks for sale: Painter, Falcon, sitting quietly on a glove, Horse, Girl on butterfly, Little Jane by Bart Somers

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