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Baltasar Portillo

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Baltasar Portillo Artist Bio

I was born in El Salvador, at the age of 11 I left El Salvador to pursue my education in the United States.
I attended prep school, and college there, but I always knew that I would return to my home country
after finishing my education. I studied economics and management, and after graduation I returned to
El Salvador to try and contribute somehow in my country's development.
After more than a decade of working in the financial sector of El Salvador, I decided to pursue my life’s passion;

Art and furniture. I grew up around Sergio Rodriguez, Eames, Sarinen, Nelson and Risom scattered around
my parents house and office, when it was considered normal furniture. In my country most furniture then was baroque,
therefore, 50’s, and 60’s design somehow caught my interest. I undusted the old furniture stored in a warehouse
at my father’s office and took it to my apartment. I got myself a welder and taught myself how to weld and began
a life project creating limited edition furniture. Currently, I still live in El Salvador, but spend seasons in London,
my wife’s home town. I have been doing furniture for almost two decades now and will continue doing it as long as I live.

I became interested in Photography as a teenager, as I had a part time job with food photgrapher during the weekends in New Orleans. However, I became more interested in Sculpture and Studio Made furniture which I have dedicated over 20 years of my life. As a result of my carreer in sculpture and Studiomade furniture, I am interested in exploreing Photography the realtionship between the Graphic Sapce and the Physical Space, in turn, I tend to overexpose or under expose the image to enhance the graphic aspects of the subject The result are images that appear from another epoch, however I am not interested in the nostalgic apperance, but rather in the graphic appearance of the photograph.

Artworks for sale: Painter, Cinema Steps, Glory Days, Women Standing by Baltasar Portillo

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