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Barbara Kitallides

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Barbara Kitallides Artist Bio

Born in Paphos, Cyprus, lives in Melbourne, Australia. Barbara’s artwork is an exploration of life and place in the modern world, how our inner conscience interacts with our surroundings.

Barbara originally studied visual communication at Monash University in Melbourne. After studying she travelled throughout Europe, and visiting all the incredible European art galleries instilled in her a deep appreciation for fine art, and her for painting was born. 'It was during this trip I found myself drawn more to painting, and wanting to break away from the design grid' says Barbara.

Barbara draws on a wide range of influences in her work. She loves Australian, Spanish and American art, and is particularly fond of the work of Australian artists Albert Tucker and Sidney Nolan. At the other end of the spectrum, Barbara says she also finds new media endlessly inspiring - 'Instagram and online resources provide such an amazing source of inspiration and reference for my work too' she says.

Barbara currently works from a home studio, creating large abstract works using acrylic paint on canvas. They're extraordinarily vibrant works, full of colour and energy. 'In some ways I describe my style as abstract 'emotional landscapes’ says Barbara. 'Everything I do both in life and art is very much linked to human emotion'.

It follows, then, that Barbara tends to paint spontaneously - painting around 80% of a new work in the first two sittings, then re-visiting it in the following weeks to add the finishing touches. 'For me art is the most frustrating yet beautifully rewarding thing I do. I love the days when hours of painting feels like minutes, getting completely lost in the canvas' she says.

If I am working on a special collaboration, such as my recent work for MOJO Winemakers, where I created the Cabernet Sauvignon label for its Studio MOJO series, my day would usually start by having a meeting with the client to either be briefed or discuss the progress. Then I would head home and spend time researching and thinking about my creative approach.

On my ‘off season’ I still get up early, but have a much looser schedule. So I might go to the gym/yoga in the morning, or sleep in. Almost always head out for coffee/breakfast.

"It is my intention to bring back balance from the chaos of my internal and external world. Usually, I approach the canvas landscape from two opposing viewpoints: from above looking down and from below looking up. Through this exploration, I hope to meet somewhere in the middle to discover what results”. The artist paints on the studio floor. This technique affects the final outcome of the painting. Often, not knowing how the painting will look until dry and elevated to an upright position. “It is this unknown element that makes the process so exciting, even with the greatest mapping and intention, I do not know the outcome until I have finished painting.

This technique helps me hand over some of the control to the unknown”. The artist’s action charged strokes of paint is a spontaneous motion. “It is within these hyper movements of lines and form where I feel most at ease; the ‘outpour’ onto the canvas is the relief”. Barbara’s intuitive use of color explores how the placement of each pigment works to evoke a visceral reaction. Barbara has developed a strong following with collectors throughout Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Europe and North America.

Artworks for sale: Painter, The Days of Our Lives, Abstract Art by Barbara Kitallides

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