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Anand Mahajani

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Bright Autumn
Paintings, 51 x 41 см.
Vladimir Volosov 350
United States
Warmth of wooden Walls
Paintings, 78 x 98 см.
Vladimir Volosov 4,900
United States
The Summer
Paintings, 50 x 70 см.
Galina Kolomenskaya 600
Drawings, 42 x 29 см.
Leni Smoragdova 400

Anand Mahajani Artist Bio

It’s been 25 years for me as a practicing graphic designer. That’s two full decades of trying to strike a balance between the urge for creative satisfaction and the urgency of deadlines. That inevitably means compromising one with the other, so it’s always a struggle to achieve that illusory Golden Mean.

As an applied designer, the designs I create are always done within the confines of someone else’s brief. Well, that’s what applied design is and that’s what I enjoy doing for a living, for obvious reasons. No regrets!

But once in a while, I get to be a designer for my own intent and brief create what I love and want to do and then seek critical appreciation for me to learn and grow Those are the paintings and drawings I do

Artworks for sale: Painter, Watson Hotel-Mumbai, Holy Spirit Church-Goa, Kayani Bakery-Mumbai, Kashi Vishwanath, Badam by Anand Mahajani

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