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Andy Cumming

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Winter River
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The Girl on Sund
Paintings, 61 x 76 см.
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United States
Paintings, 36 x 28 см.
Vladimir Volosov 350
United States

Andy Cumming Artist Bio

My work deals with many different themes from the origions of creativity with the understanding of inherent and embedded knowledge, to the study of human behavior and the social sciences. I am also interested on the effect that the internet is having on our learning.

Having unlimited access to knowledge on every possible subject is an amazing thing but it also opens us up to false and or conflicting information, adding to an ever increasing mistrust of our governments and the education we are taught at school. I find interest in many things but I also enjoy the process of allowing the chance mark inspire the form/idea.

I tend to start my work with no particular theme but through the process of play and random markmaking a theme starts to come to fruition. I very much allow my tacit knowledge to take over whilst I make art." Andy was selected to exhibit at the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy's "New Contemporaries Exhibition 2010" at which he was awarded both the RSA and Edinburgh Printmaking prizes.

Andy is also one of the founders of the Maritime Lane Collective. Andy's work is also part of the Sterling University's renowned Art Collection.

Artworks for sale: Painter, Fine Art Printmaking, Art and Design, Maritime Lane Collective, Gold Sheep, Joint exhibition by Andy Cumming

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