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vik schroeder

vik schroeder
Baden, Switzerland
Artist vik schroeder

Vik Schröder lives in Switzerland (was born in Ukraine ). Many of her landscapes were painted en Plein Air, and all of her pictures carry positive energy. She likes to create bright unusual works in modern technology mix-media and encaustic. Vik paints pictures with oil, acrylic, gouache; classic and abstract painting, she also likes to paint ceramics and glass. Most of oil pictures are created by a palette knife in the unique and remarkable style of mosaic painting. She uses only oil colors which are made on a natural basis with natural pigment. Vic Schroeder also likes to create effective spectacular vivid abstract mix- media paintings using stones, sand, clay, metal, wax, resin and so on. Vic creates all her pictures in a good mood in harmony with the World. That’s why all of her pictures radiate positive energy, causing pleasant emotions and a sense of joy.

Vik Schroeder has two university degrees &Ph;.D. of Education Science.
Vic paints her pictures using different techniques:
In order to study special art techniques Vic went to Spain, Germany and Italy.
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