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aleksandr klyuyanov

aleksandr klyuyanov
Dneprorudnoe, Ukraine
Artist aleksandr klyuyanov

Since my school years I was greatly interested in art. There are a lot of gifted people in every country. Alas, due to different personal and social reasons only few of them can follow their inclination in professional life. Still there are people who give the heart and free time to their calling for years and years. I am one of them. I am ready to cooperate with anyone who takes care of my art. I would be much obliged to you for your propositions, comments and any promotion of SASHA's art.

I am self-taught. I’ve been active in arts for 20 years. I have got about 3000 pieces of art on my account. I call my style - inspirative art. It is the materialized world of ideas and associations. My favorite things to paint are: portraits, landscapes, still life, abstract compositions. I do various graphic design projects.
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