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FAQ - How to Buy?
+ What is CheliniArt?

CheliniArt is a powerful and innovative sales platform for collectors, specializing in contemporary art. With a focus on quality and a carefully curated selection of unique work by both established and emerging talent, CheliniArt is a collector's most comprehensive and trusted partner.

+ What makes CheliniArt special?

We make buying and selling art a full-service experience, with total transparency and simple as a single click. We offer you a selection of special services to assure you a fully personalized and professional collecting experience.
CheliniArt provides unparalleled easy-to-use online Auction OBO(Or Best Offer) environment both for buyer and seller.

+ How do I create a personal account?

At the top right of our any page, you'll find the For Buyers menu – choose Register, and begin creating your new personal profile.
After submitting your Email address, You will receive a verification email with further instructions. Check your spam or junk folder if you did not receive this Email. Welcome to CheliniArt!

+ How do I change my personal details like address, password etc.?

At the right sidebar you'll find "Account information", under where you control all of your settings and personal details.

+ What is "Make an Offer"?

The "Make An Offer" feature allows interested buyers to make an offer on a specific artwork.
Once you're logged in, simply click the "Make An Offer" button next to the artwork, type in the amount in the USD you are willing to pay, The number of days for payment (when you ready to pay) and click "Make a Bid".
Remember, to "Make an Offer" is a binding action of purchase. If the offer is accepted, you will receive an invoice shortly after.

+ Can I make a second offer or change my current offer?

You can only make a single offer, but you can change it as many time as you like.

+ Can I offer a lower price than the base?

Yes. During the timed auction, you can to bid higher or lower for the lot and if Seller/Artist appoint you as a winner, you will become the buyer of the lot.

+ Does submitting an offer mean the artwork is reserved for me?

No. Until your offer has been accepted, other buyers can purchase the work at any time.

+ When the artwork will be reserved for me?

Until your offer has been accepted by seller and he/she pays Insurance Deposit. Then you have to Confirm your Bid, and pay for item in full immediately by confirming a bid. So make sure that you have enough funds to pay your bets.

+ What is your Commission Rates?

Like other auction houses, CheliniArt charges commission, but only from the seller. You as a buyer will pay as much as you bet, at no additional cost.

+ Do you have an authenticity certificate for each artwork?

Not every artist issues certificates of authenticity.
All work for sale on CheliniArt has gone through our due diligence process, and any work with a certificate of authenticity will be indicated accordingly.
The certificate of authenticity will pass to the new owner once acquisition is fully completed.

+ Can I retract my bid?

You may retract your bid at any time throughout the buying process, until you click "Confirm Bid".
In the case of an already fully confirmed a bid, you are obligated to the full payment of your purchase.
Confirming an order and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions is a binding action of purchase.

+ How can I contact an Artist to discuss the details of purchase?

The Buyer and the Seller are prohibited from publishing their contact details in the publicly accessible places on CheliniArt site (names or description of the artworks, participant's rates, personal pages, portfolio, business card, etc.).

This is done so that the Buyer and the Seller can not collude with each other bypassing the rules of the Auction and do not infringe upon the rights and opportunities of other participants.

Contacts remain hidden until the Seller stops choosing Bidder and assigns him as a Buyer, and until the Buyer does not accept the offer to buy the artwork.

If the Seller decides that the Buyer is the right person to buy the artwork, he assign him as a winner.

At the same time, the system notifies the selected Buyer about the Seller's choice. The auction goes into the "Frozen" status and the bids are temporarily stopped.

The buyer can find the status of the offer in his Dashboard by clicking on the "Auctions & Bookmarks" link in the right sidebar on his Dashboard.

If the Buyer accepts the Seller's offer: the system sends them contact information via e-mail. The auction goes into the status "Delivered."

The buyer can refuse to buy the lot: in this case, the auction is transferred to the status of "Open" and is ready to accept new offers.

Violators of the rules that publish contact information lose their further participation in auctions at without the right of restoration or are punished with a fine in the amount of the highest bid of the auction.

If the Buyer has suggested to you as an Artist to enter into collusion and to bypass the system, chances are that it is a fraudster. Be extremely careful and careful in such proposals. As a Seller, you do not pay any money to the Auction, but only sell your works. Why violate the rules of the auction and lose the opportunity to realize your artwork from our site?

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