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Rafael Lopez-Ramos

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Aleksandr Klyuyanov 1,550

Rafael Lopez-Ramos Artist Bio

Rafael Lopez-Ramos was born in Cuba, 1962 is a visual artist graduated from Academia San Alejandro, Havana, 1985. His latest solo shows have been Chromatic Aporias, Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, 2015; and Wonderland, The Art Link, Miami, 2013 and 17 Frost Art Space, Brooklyn, NY, 2012.

Following Rafael's cogitative penchant, Lopez- Ramos artworks are usually structured on multiple visual and semantic layers of contrasting iconography, always based on a concept. It all morphs into a sort of palimpsest when superimposed on abstract expressionist backgrounds. His work is discussed in the book Cuban Artists Across the Diaspora: Setting the Tent Against the House, by Andrea O’Reilly Herrera, University of Texas Press, 2011

Artworks for sale: The Art Link, by Rafael Lopez-Ramos

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