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Cynthia Howell

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Cynthia Howell Artist Bio

Cynthia Howell was born in Montreal in 1930 of British parents. However at the age of three her family returned to London, where she grew up. Her Father was an amateur painter and stimulated Cynthia's interest in painting by often taking her to London art galleries.

She also showed an early interest and talent for art at school, unsurprisingly given that many members of the family through generations had shown interest and ability in many other areas of the arts: writing, music, and particularly her mother who was a professional classical dancer who performed in London in the 1920s at what were then called soirees. IN 1948 she met and soon after married an American architect and had five children within a short space of time, consequently she was unable to pursue her desire to paint during this period, although she took every opportunity to draw.

On family holidays she and her husband would sketch together. IN THE early 1960s, as her family were growing up, she was able to extend her creativity. She began to paint, and became increasingly more excited by the affinity she felt for painters such as Nicolas De Stael, Peter Lanyon, David Bomberg and Keith Vaughan. She was very excited by Matisse, his use of colour and his simplification of taking figures 'right down to basics'. These artists have remained a constant joy to her. DURING THE 60s she studied with Walter Nessler and Jack Yates working on the handling of paint and life drawing skills. Later she studied with the mystic Cecil Collins who developed through working with the sub conscious, the idea of freedom of expression enlivening her work in abstract painting. Cynthia has worked predominately with oil paint, she has however experimented with other medium such as sand in oils, pastels, lithography, papier-mache sculpture, lino prints and spray painting. Since the mid-eighties She has often used acrylic paint

Artworks for sale: View from Dalham, World War One, Through the Window by Cynthia Howell

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