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Barry Maisey Artist Bio

Born to an artistic family in Hampshire in 1946, Maisey was encouraged to paint from a young age by his mother. In 1957 he entered the elite Portswood Art School to study under the acclaimed Beresford Peeling. Later, a study tour to South Africa enlightened the artist to pure, exceptional light and intense color, which is still reflected in his paintings today - inspiring his quest to complete fulfillment through paint onto canvas.
Returning to Britain, Maisey experimented with many paint techniques and went on to further study at Southampton College of Art. Now a well-established artist with a solid base of collectors, Maisey is noted for his commissioned portrait works, which are found in many prominent collections throughout the UK. Living in rural Shropshire inspires this artist, who draws so much of his ideology from nature and the peaceful environment of this beautiful county. It is easy to see the combination of influences that Maisey uses to manipulate his work - the eclectic mix of new style and old master that encompasses Maisey demonstrates his fascination with exploring the boundaries of art and painting.

Artworks for sale: In Mary Webb's Garden, Fugitive Fragrance of Spring Flower, Hyacinth Colour of Distance by Barry Maisey

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