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Alexia Medici

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Alexia Medici Artist Bio

Alexia Medici is a Maltese artist living in Barcelona, Spain since 2006.

Being heavily influenced in her youth by classical art, her style changed radically once she moved to Spain. Barcelona inspired the use of found materials and textures in her art and she moved from a classical to a more experimental and intuitive approach to art.
Alexia is essentially interested in people, color, light and time and uses a wide variety of media to express her thoughts and studies. Since finishing contemporary art school, Alexia's work has become more conceptual and inquisitive. You could perhaps call her an investigative artist as her artistic projects tend to be studies, where she works with an initial idea and researches that idea using a variety of mixed media until she comes to a satisfying conclusion.

Artworks for sale: New Life, Energies, Curiosity, A Dance in the Dark by Alexia Medici

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