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Chad Houtz Artist Bio

It's all about the experience, the process of expressing the visual world around you. Many times the stronger that experience, the more powerful the visual impact personally, the stronger the work of art at its finish. The physical act of painting each experience, temporary as it may be, is just the climax. But journey toward that wonderful state Henri alludes to, far from being temporary, is what an artist does every waking minute of their life.

Constantly looking, observing, waiting for the visual stimulation that gives one child like wonder, or evokes a mood or feeling. That emotion so powerful you have no choice but to express it visually. To interpret, to explain, to relive thru the process of creative interpretations... Just so much to explore and experience, how could I not be an artist?

I see the world through the protean lens of pattern, texture and rhythm. The vehicle which drives my visual vagaries to the material is, of course, technique. Which I never tire of tuning and sharpening. And the warm embrace I rely on to hold it all together is organic form.

Artworks for sale: Organic Eye Study, Seimicity en Sepia, Lamentations Lost by Chad Houtz

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