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Athina SuGleri is engaged in painting since 1992 and professionally since 2006 until today. She has had numerous solo exhibitions and she had taken part in various group ones. Among them, the one titled “Art and Science” under the auspices of the cultural organization of the cultural center of the Municipality of Athens, Greece, “Melina” She curated ELTA employees’ exhibition to Attica Metro (Constitution Station Hall), under the auspices of the Ministry of Transportation.

She has exhibited at Technopolis City of Athens Her works are in private and public collections in Greece and abroad. Easter and Christmas cards based on her painting works have been published by the Hellenic Post S.A. - ELTA as well as by the composer George Katsaros for the City of Athens Music Ensembles Recently she had three recently solo exhibitions in her hometown Patras, where she now lives At the in-shop solo exhibition in Coco-mat, titled “parallel worlds” At the Cube gallery, titled “διά-κοσμος” – ‘διάκοσμος’ the greek word for decoration is a compound word meaning ‘through-world’ At the “περί Τεχνών” (‘on Arts’), the retrospective titled “correlations” in which the artist presented a trilogy on environmental protection.

Athina’s work has been met enthusiastically by the press and media. Art columnists and reporters observe and describe her authentic interest in environment and life's existence on earth The contemporary art collector Saatchi distributes online, her work She hosts art lovers at her personal Atelier SuGleri in downtown Patras City, Greece

Artworks for sale: Parallel worlds, kaleidoscope suGleri, dia-kosmos, miniatures suGleri by Athina SuGleri

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