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Triptych. Forest
Design, 139 x 240 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 750
Digital Arts, 64 x 90 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 1,500
Paintings, 93 x 80 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 750

Vincent Boelaarts Artist Bio

One day not being able to paint makes me very restless. Turning my creativity into music releases that tension. But only for a short time. In the years in which I didn't need much and I only had mine and my cat's mouth to feet I was in the rich position to paint almost as much as I wanted. In those years I lived for one year in the very inspiring city of Berlin, Germany. Here I fully lived for my art and made the switch from Acryl to Oil paint.

I learned a lot and met a great number of other artists. After this year I came back to my roots in Holland. Soon my live turned black. I became in bad health conditions, had a hopeless love life and was depressive. In this period I dedicated my artistic life to the "Defecating Man". The naked man who had an central role in my paintings and sculptures. With these artworks I had great success in Nijmegen, my home-town at that time, and surroundings.

With several exhibitions around Holland and one in Bonn, Germany. Now I have found the love of my live. I Married her and together we've made a beautiful daughter. Although my life has improved I often can be sad, angry or depressed. Due to the fact I am highly sensitive and have had some bad experiences in the past I am seeing the events around me with big emotion. This is what I think has made me an artist. For me the definition of art is reflecting a feeling or thought trough all the artistic media. In my case it is oil paint and sculptures of plastics. I want to tell my story, my thoughts, my love and my frustrations. Not with words, I am no writer or singer.

But with the talent I have been given by birth and have learned to develop. Since I was just a little child I knew I wanted to be an artist. This was probably due to the fact my father was a professional illustrator and I clearly inherited his talent. My parents always encouraged me to develop my talent. During my childhood I was always drawing pictures. Occasionally I have learned the painting skills by my father. But drawing was what I really loved at that time and what give me a interested audience. I loved the attention. In the years following I have made paintings in many different styles. From abstract, where I learned the strength of well mixed colors, good composition and well balanced shapes, to photo realistic with enormous tiny color variations in wet oil paint.

Artworks for sale: Esther and the Wolf, Hebron, Go back to Start by Vincent Boelaarts

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