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Maura Satchell

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Yellow on the Blue
Paintings, 46 x 61 см.
Vladimir Volosov 500
United States
Bright Autumn
Paintings, 51 x 41 см.
Vladimir Volosov 500
United States
Autumn Forest
Paintings, 50 x 40 см.
Vladimir Volosov 800
United States

Maura Satchell Artist Bio

Self-taught artist Maura Satchell has a communications degree and was a reporter and photographer. She took up visual art as a form of therapy and escape after a period of intense trauma in her life.. She makes art with a robust fascination for new processes, and an unrestrained curiosity to try it all.

Maura's arts Beyond the confines, Acadia Morning, The Mane Point has been on display in shows in Nashville, San Francisco, Edinburgh, Scotland and Dusseldorf, Germany. Her works are among private and commercial collections on three continents. She creates in her home studio awash with northern-facing light

Artworks for sale: Beyond the confines, Acadia Morning, The Mane Point by Maura Satchell

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