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Tom Cringle Artist Bio

Tom Cringle is an artist who was born in Norfolk in 1972. He works predominately as a painter using acrylic and oil. He is self-taught and has now been exhibiting and selling work for nearly 20 years. Tom loves to paint the large skies that are seen over the beaches of Norfolk and Suffolk.

In particular he likes to paint on big canvases which allow him as much sky to be seen as possible, as well as showing the wide and beautiful beaches that stretch along the East Anglian coast. In recent years Tom has also developed smaller paintings looking at landscapes and figures, particularly those working on and around the sea and land.

He has also painted cityscapes and views in towns, including New York, and has sold his work as far away as Australia. He still lives in Norfolk with his wife and family. He is usually to be found in his studio when he is not setting up his easel somewhere outdoors.
Brighton University
Norfolk College of Arts and Technology

Artworks for sale: Low sun over Aldeburgh beach, Gun Hill to Scolt Head Island, Sardinian Beach by Tom Cringle

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