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Johannes Beilharz

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Drawings, 21 x 30 см.
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Flying Stone
Paintings, 60 x 100 см.
Vik Schroeder 995

Johannes Beilharz Artist Bio

Born into a family of painters, I took up painting myself at age 16, executing primarily abstract paintings in oil and acrylics. After a mostly inactive period, I became creative again in 1999, working with watercolors, acrylics and gouache, developing a gouache/oil crayon technique I frequently use.

I have had shows in Germany and participated in group shows in Germany, France and India since 2002. Starting in 2013, I've increasingly used the computer to create and modify paintings. My work is in private collections in Germany, France, India, Italy and USA

Artworks for sale: Red Range, Color Proposal, Painting, Informel - blue, white, red, yellow, Paysage synthétique by Johannes Beilharz

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