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Nuno Paixão

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Nuno Paixão Artist Bio

Nuno was born in Lisbon (Portugal) somewhere during the eighties, I got the technical formation in printing design in the suburbs of the same city, and later on, a diploma in fine-arts, this time already back in the city center, given by the respective University.

Not knowing what I was looking for, I decided to start looking for it in Leipzig, where I became acquainted with some great professors and art students in HGB. Besides painting and drawing, the solitary mediums, collaborations in other fields of expression like music and writing are often sought, as a way to find sense in the diversity.

My favorite task is to write short texts, limited to 150 words or less, resuming a life-time's work, choice or statement, and later on, edit them in the designated places. Like the dead dual-monarchs of the Austro-Hungarian empire, my body is in one city, but the heart in another, or the other way around.

Artworks for sale:, gorgias.four.sixteen, by Nuno Paixão

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