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Nasim Maserrat Artist Bio

Nasim was always been in loved with aesthetic and beauties in the real world and her dreams. Graduating from Computer Engineering and getting to IT banking systems, preferred to start painting besides her professional job. She commenced painting with Master Taha Behbahani, an Iranian famous contemporary artists, since 2004 (Taha Behbahani Atelier). The new fantasy world of surreal, which Taha represented to her, charmed her a lot, and got her involved in so many ideas and paintings.
To study the art of great masters, she also worked with AliAkbar Ghorbani. Getting master in drawing, the fundamental of art, she completed the full levels of drawing with Iman Maleki, (ARA Atelier). Immigrated to Toronto was a new discovery in her life. In 2010, she started with the unique and the most extraordinary academy in Canada, Academy of Realist Art (ARA), and there great instructors. Apply the smartness of computers and technologies, experiences of working as an assistant composer for film music and orchestras, inheriting the poem talent from her father, and getting to the artistic and colorful life of music which her husband brought to her, make her canvases fulfill of specific colours, and incomparable ideas. She has also taken part in numerous group exhibitions.

Artworks for sale: Woodpecker, Hoopoe, Reincarnation, by Nasim Maserrat

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