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Feona Ness

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Strange Forest
Paintings, 92 x 92 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 750
Drawings, 88 x 55 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 350
Drawings, 42 x 29 см.
Leni Smoragdova 400
Moon Flower
Design, 93 x 93 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 550

Feona Ness Artist Bio

After completing a Fine Art degree (Nottingham Trent University) I worked as a designer for 10years then have painted for a living for almost 20years.

My paintings are in various collections in Britain, Canada and Denmark. I exhibit regularly in galleries in the South West of England.

Artworks for sale: Art Wave West contemporary Art Gallery by Feona Ness

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