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Peter Vahlefeld Artist Bio

Peter Vahlefeld’s artwork is a multimedia blend that combines analog and digital painting on canvas. In his paintings he explores the currency of advertisements for international galleries, auction house catalogues, museum shop merchandising, and other sources as a medium. By painting lushly on top of them he expropriates their surface, language and semantics. Hijacking material from the public domain and obscuring them, Vahlefeld further complicates the everyday transaction of images by taking away the content they are supposed to advertise.

Carved, rather than painted, the result of thick layers of paint and digital inkjet prints channels a spectacular sense of depth and painterliness. Inherent to the artist’s creative process is the element of destruction, rubbing out and erasing previous markings, where oil paint seems to have been dragged, pulled and stretched, dripped, splashed, splodged, and splattered across the canvas. Subverting Picasso and Braque’s innovation of collage as a tool to confront and disrupt the illusionary quality of the painted surface, he uses this technique as a media between painting, printing, and collage.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Berlin-based Peter Vahlefeld grew up in Hong Kong and Hamburg, receiving his BFA in Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design, NYC in 1990. He has participated in a variety of solo exhibitions and art fairs, including Art Fair Cologne, Art Karlsruhe (both Germany), Art Bodensee (Austria) and venues such as Neumeister Fine Art Auctioneers (Munich), Sotheby's (Vienna), Chloe Savigny (Paris), Fiona Alison (London), and 46 Parachute Purple (New York). Having two studios, one in Berlin, and one in Munich, he was interviewed and filmed on the ZDF television channel in Berlin (2014), and is working with the Bavaria Television Production in Munich having his paintings staged for television and film. His work can be found in corporate collections throughout Germany as well as in private collections worldwide.

Artworks for sale: Postwar Munich, Texte zur Kunst, The Hermitage in the Prado Madrid by Peter Vahlefeld

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