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ShinYoung An Artist Bio

While reading about and listening to social and environmental issues in the news, the articles and stories began affecting me in such a way that I wanted this to be reflected in my art. I depict my reactions to these events through the visual interaction of hands, feet and portraits painted against a backdrop of current news articles that have touched me.

I try to collect headlines and photos with the least biased content from around the world. Not only do I use current news articles that have an impact on me, but I also use original newspaper articles about historic events in order to preserve those stories on paper for the future. I am concerned that printed media may cease to be as prevalent in the future due to rapidly developing technologies.

I try to find truth in what I express by using historical articles and leave the realities of current issues to the next generation. History shows we cannot have a bright future without correct historical recognition and reflection. All the pieces in my current series portray the daily lives of ordinary people who are at peace, at rest, and unconcerned juxtaposed with disturbing or encouraging real world newspaper images and articles.

Artworks for sale: Knotting Yellow Ribbons, Winds of New Hope, A Spring Breeze by ShinYoung An

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