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Gabriele Stuckemeier

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Digital Arts, 93 x 78 см.
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Angry Wave
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Paris. Arch
Digital Arts, 80 x 89 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 750
Digital Arts, 80 x 65 см.
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Gabriele Stuckemeier Artist Bio

Integument, corporeality and transformation are the central themes of my artwork. Painting and installation are my technique. My paintings often reach into space. I consider them paintings that ripen into 3D-objects or installations in the process.
BA (Honours) Fine Art at the Moray School of Art in Elgin, Scotland, 2012
I am currently living and working in Berlin.
Masters of Letters in Fine Art Practice, Glasgow School of Art, 2017/18

Artworks for sale: Fish Tank on Trolley, Entlassene Pat by Gabriele Stuckemeier

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