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Gabriela Szuba

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Pathway. Lake
Paintings, 60 x 80 см.
Alexander Bezrodnykh 2,000
Gods Gift
Drawings, 93 x 84 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 1,550
Woman in Red
Paintings, 98 x 72 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 1,500

Gabriela Szuba Artist Bio

Gabriela Aleksandra Szuba was born in Poland in 1974. Graduating in economics in 1998. She moved to Italy in early 2000 where she still lives. Gabriela is self-taught. Having started with figurative painting, as her work evolved she was drawn irrevocably towards the abstract. This is developing further with continually evolving ideas and using new materials, which give her occasional glimpses of the path ahead. Who knows that the final destination will be: a dreamscape... with colours becoming more complementary. Filling the space with the sensation of an "infinite breath," fed by the melding of heaven and earth .. This all invokes a sense of roundness suggesting the cycle of life ... Her paintings speak to our often ignored inner self, with their vibrant colours and textures. Each one takes you on a journey that requires contemplation and offers a world of discovery

Artworks for sale: DANZANDO CON LE NINFEE, EQUINOX by Gabriela Szuba

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