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Giulia Spernazza

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Evening on the Ocean
Paintings, 61 x 91 см.
Vladimir Volosov 2,200
United States
Drawings, 29 x 42 см.
Leni Smoragdova 400

Giulia Spernazza Artist Bio

Giulia Spernazza Born in Rome in 1979, Giulia graduated from the Experimental Arts School “A. Caravillani” of Rome, and in 2008 she gradated with honors (receiving the highest marks) from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. The works of Giulia Spernazza were created as a response to the chaos, anxiety, the need for speed and the decrease in social relationships that characterize today’s society. In direct opposition to a society whose sole purpose is to increase its material goods, the works of the young artist return to reflect on the inner being creating an imaginary world where silence reigns and one can be alone with him/herself. Through a process of subtraction and extreme stylization, the artist removes all that is superfluous from her works, suggesting forms without actually illustrating them. In this way, through a purified language, she communicates the need to stop and listen without any outside interference. Each work appears as a moment of deep meditation and inner reflection, becoming a container of moods.

Artworks for sale: On the threshold, Inside of me, Lost and found by Giulia Spernazza

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