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Lydia Pepin

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Lydia Pepin Artist Bio

Lydia Pepin became famous for her virtuosic technique, where photo realism and the richness of oil paint give birth to magical images

Lydia Pepin - Canadian figurative artist and portrait painter, writing exclusively in oil. She showed her paintings in galleries in Canada, Paris and New York.

Her style of oil painting is modern classicism. In her paintings she tries to capture the usual moments of everyday life, with an emphasis on natural light and warm colors.

Portraits of Lydia show her extraordinary ability to capture not only the appearance, but also the ability to convey the individuality and character of the characters of her paintings, animating them on canvas. "Pepin became famous for her virtuosic technique, where photo realism and the richness of oil paint give rise to magical images ..." - a quote from an article in the Huffington Post.

Lydia Pépin has exhibited at galleries and events across Ontario, and has paintings in private collections across the world. Her portrait commissions include painting of Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, on permanent display at City Hall.

Artworks for sale: Girl in a Blue Dress, Motherly Love, Afternoon in the market, a walk in the streets of Spain by Lydia Pepin

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