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Laura Zerebeski

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Laura Zerebeski Artist Bio

I draw cityscapes and give buildings a look corresponding to the appearance of the people who live in them. My work is inspired by the cartoons and the city in which I live.

I was born and grew up in a small town, near a pulp mill. She moved to Vancouver more than 20 years ago. When I became professionally engaged in painting, I developed two styles of work, the first one that was violent and satirical for landscapes that depicted Vancouver and the surrounding provinces, and the second, more thoughtful and more documentary, for a truthful depiction of the surrounding reality, the inspiration for which I derive from music , literature and poetry.

As an avid runner and cyclist, I want to share a feeling that is possible when the artist moves in the place that he wants to portray. In his head there are very different images and then he sees instead of a dull landscape around, another interesting place that is closer and brighter, perhaps it is due to endorphins, fresh air and good weather.

Sometimes, there are days when everyday becomes very beautiful regardless of the impact of light, the change of seasons or your own mood. My stylized paintings with distorted architecture, often, represent people who inhabit buildings and scenes next door to us. Bright colors mean instability, create a quaint and cheerful view of the city, show how much joy and movement around us.

Artworks for sale: Christmas Lights, East Van Cross, Terminal City, Inversion, English Bay by Laura Zerebeski

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