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Olga Stamatiou Artist Bio

Born in New York City and began painting in 1967,. This relatively late start to her artistic career followed the discovery of painting as a vehicle for cathartic personal expression.

At the age of eighteen, she went to live with relatives in Athens, Greece and it was there in the heady, intellectually charged, artistically-vibrant atmosphere of mid-1960’s that she was stirred to begin her formal artistic education, studying with the painter Ilias Dekoulakos.

She remained in Greece until 1976, when she returned to the United States and embarked on further studies at Boston University’s School of Fine Arts, where she received her BFA and MFA degree in painting. She also completed a graduate program in Art Therapy at the Metropolitan College of Boston University. She lived in America for the next 20 years, exhibiting and working in the United States.

In 1997, she returned once again to Greece with her husband where they lived for five years. During that time, she had exhibitions in Athens, Greece and Nice, France.

In 2008 she started a non-profit company called Seewall Child which builds and installs interactive art based installations free of charge in crisis centers for children. Olga and her company has won a 2007 Society in Arts in Healthcare Blair Sadler Award. Seewall Child positions itself to be an art and mobile playground command center for children while serving healthy comfort foods. The EMSv is complete with art & educational supplies, an Imagination Playground, sports equipment and soon a Petting Pet Zone providing physical and mental stimulating activities and comfort.
It was said to be one of the most innovative arts projects demonstrating compelling impact on the quality of the healthcare experience for patients, their families and caregivers. Seewall Child for the last three years has been the road 24/7/365 with the EMSv Emergency Mobile Service vehicle.

Artworks for sale: painter, Seewall Child, non-profit company, golfing by Olga Stamatiou

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