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United States

Fred Bell Artist Bio

I specialize in portraits and figurative painting. With each new picture, I learn something about myself

Fred Bell is an American artist. For six years he studied in the studio with the famous master Henry Hensche in Provincetown, and later moved to New York, where he studied at the New School, the School of Visual Arts and the Artistic Student League. Currently, Fred Bell lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I specialize in portraits and figurative painting. With each new picture I learn something not only about the people I write, but also about myself. I want the feelings that I feel myself to be able to feel everything. Whether I write myself or someone else, I always first carefully study the picture and try to find kindness in the person depicted by her.

I look at the qualities that elevate and show the best aspects of the character of my future picture, the features of his face need not necessarily be correct, the main thing is that they look at the virtue. I know that my pictures can show it, because I saw it

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