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Barbara J Criner

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Barbara J Criner Artist Bio

"My job is usually about a person, because I find people fascinating and interesting. My works, as a rule, are portraits and figurative pictures. My favorite environments are oil and clay. I like how the oil paint allows me to put on the canvas what I see in my head. Clay allows me to sculpt an object with my hands, physically feel it, ... I find it very useful.

I always spend some amount of time learning a model or a photo before I start painting. This allows you to get an idea of ​​the subject or person.

When I draw, I try not only to show as accurately as possible the appearance of the person I am painting, but also to tell his story. I try to capture the unguarded "I" model and try to find answers to some of the many questions: What are they thinking about? What are their hopes, their dreams and desires? What life lesson do they consider to be the most important and what events did they witness? "

Barbara J Criner (Barbara J Criner) - American artist. Was born in 1945. Currently lives and works in the city of Springs, Georgia.

Artworks for sale: Painter, drawing, sculpture, figurative paintings by Barbara J Criner

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