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Jinchul Kim

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Jinchul Kim Artist Bio

My works are inspired by unpredictable, psychologically and emotionally charged, complexities of daily life.

Jinchul Kim is an American artist of Korean origin. He was born in South Korea and moved to the United States in 1989. He received a bachelor's degree, and then a master's of painting at the University of King Se-Jeong in Seoul, Korea. In 1993 he received another master's degree, with emphasis on multimedia and sound installations, at the School of Arts in New York.

Today he regularly shows his works at exhibitions outside the US, including in such countries as Korea, Japan, France and Spain. He spent 17 personal and participated in more than 120 group exhibitions. Currently, Kim lives in Maryland and teaches painting at the University of Salisbury.

"My works are inspired by the unpredictable complexities of everyday life, these specific difficulties that seem to me psychologically and emotionally charged.I try to capture the unusually beautiful moments of the world that surrounds us, and I try to translate them into a material form that everyone can touch."

"My ultimate goal is to stimulate the unique intuition and imagination of each of the viewers and allow them to reflect on the events in their own lives. The subjects of most of my paintings are based on human figures that I have placed in various environments. Often, I use symbols, not necessarily for constructing a form or describing the details of an image, but they must necessarily show relationships within the various forms of painting. I direct my brush in such a way as to reveal the essence of the object, and so that this essence spreads in the form of particles of color and light. All this can be considered technical details, but for me it is a calligraphy of a story"

Artworks for sale: Painter, Salisbury, master of painting by Jinchul Kim

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