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Carol Bruton Artist Bio

"If I were a man, I would have snapped a couple up on the spot. What better than to return from the crowded confines of a city work-day to the limitless essence of transparent globes of color? . In 6 square feet of canvas you have captured that sense of infinity. The sun-bleached ochres and browns and the timelessness of your work are quite moving. A self-confirmed materialist, I all too rarely experience anything approaching spiritual ecstasy and very few paintings have such an effect on me”.

Carol's latest series Dancing Waves highlights her interest in which the brilliant movement of ripples in the ocean. The light moves across the sculpture changing with every second of the day, again mimicking the ever restless patterns in the ocean.

Ocean’s 9 Gold Sculpture (50 cm diameter) created from steel with transparent colour coating highlights her concern for our oceans. Carol swims in the sea throughout the year, and her response to the urgency of protecting our waters has resulted in this purest of shapes.

The mirror-like finish represents the early morning light thrown across the water. These sculptures can be made to any size and colour and would look amazing in sea locations, islands, hotels and private residences etc. The inspiration for her paintings, are the images that she sees floating on the surface of the sea. The combination of sky, clouds and the movement of the water create the translucent lozenges of colour. She then uses a number of fine brushes to paint a blend of pigments into the glass effect medium.

Carol has mentioned that her audience want to walk right up to the paintings to touch them, to trace with their fingers, the fine lines suspended in a glow of color. A recent viewer of Carol's work has written of his response to the Water Collection “I was in Oxford on Saturday and went to see your exhibition Carol.

"I’ve only seen one of your paintings before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, I’m glad I made the effort – and effort it was as a stranger to Oxford’s bewildering one-way system, as I thought your work was fantastic."

Carol Bruton was born in Toronto, Canada and her childhood was spent in Spain, a country she still visits regularly. Carol currently lives and works in the South of France, an environment which has brought an additional sense of color and warmth to her art.

Artworks for sale: Painter, Dancing Waves, Turquoise Ocean, Gold on Peacock Blue, Apple Green, Pink Borders by Carol Bruton

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